1/14/10 CCC America Workshop – Using and Managing Digitized History Posters in the Classroom

Participants reviewed image analysis, developing inquiry-based questions using a single image, and critical thinking skills when using images with students. Everyone created new posters for their own classroom use that are available at http://csudigitalhumanities.org/exhibits/all-posters.

We reviewed creating forms via Googledocs. CCC America participants Amanda Ahrens and Silvia Sheppard (Shaker Hts.) offer a model for a survey they created when they first learned about Googledocs at our last Omeka workshop:



CCC participants who teach high school students are asked to have their students visit this site’s image analysis page and have their students fill out the form at http://ccc.clevelandhistory.org/program-evaluations/image-analysis/.

Students will analyze the Future Outlook League mural and then respond to two inquiries about description and analysis. We hope to demonstrate that students have acquired some historical thinking skills that respond to the questions:

1)  What is it?

2) Why might it have been created?

3) What was the artist’s purpose in creating the image?

4) Who is the audience for the image?

5) Students should provide a list of questions they have for the instructor when analyzing the mural.

Student responses will help us understand if students are acquiring history thinking skills.